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Providing the UK with healthy nutritious meals, at an affordable price.

Our Story

Diced are Scotland’s leading meal prep company. We have risen from cooking in our family home, to providing food for the whole of the UK. We also have a strong background in working with charities as we provided the elderly, vulnerable and NHS Scotland with over 5000 meals during the first lockdown. In partnership with helping hands, we supplied deprived areas of our capital city. We have an official partnership with Goodtrees in which we provide 300-500 meals per week. We have professional chefs onboard working closely alongside our qualified nutritionists and personal trainers to provide you with the cleanest, meanest, and freshest meals on the market and we are just getting started. We pride ourselves on our affordability and quality in our produce and would welcome anyone to get in contact with us if you would like to make a difference to your life. Be it improving your health and wellbeing, losing fat, or gaining lean muscle we will cater for all needs. If you have any specific macro goals you need to hit, do not hesitate to get in touch because we work hard so you don’t have to #TeamDiced

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Our Team

Sam Deplacido


I started this company as a hobby as I love to cook and also love cooking for others. I have nutrition qualifications and I'm also a level 3 qualified personal trainer. After my stint working offshore, I thought I'd try my hand in the field I've always loved. I have a passion for flavour and making everything perfect. This is what I believe makes all the difference. If you know me you will already know how important perfection in food is to me and if you don't know me you will find out through our food. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and you'll no doubt have a visit from me every now and then just so I can hear all the good things you have to say about our delicious scran.

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